McCoy Tyner: Changes by Leon Kerkstra

Tyner's composition 'Changes' has been recorded for the first time on the album 'Major Changes', by Frank Morgan and the McCoy Tyner Trio (1987). But it was the release of 'Infinity' that introduced this song to a wide public. McCoy states: "Changes is a happy composition and lots of fun to play. Another way to put it is, 'lets keep on swinging' ". Well if you check out this sample of 'Changes' recorded at a performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival 1996, You'll hear it is indeed funky as hell !

The chords :
Gsus (Gmaj7) Gsus (Gmaj7) Cm7 F7 Bbmaj7 Absus
Gsus (Gmaj7) Gsus (Gmaj7) Cm7 F7 Bbmaj7 Absus
Dsus % Csus %
Fm7 Bb7 Eb7 D7
Gsus % Absus %

Interlude :
Gsus % % %
Bbsus % % Absus

An example how it could be played :

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